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In our olden days we were used to having our houses decorated with intricate art work.

It was such a normal scenario in our houses to see lot of art work made in wood.

It was typically a replica of our temple architecture wherein the art work / statues done in stone were designed in our house interior and exterior decoration.

The common one to be seen is Gajalakshmi – Lakshmi Goddess with Elephant on both sides with a garland.

To add more artistic and Vaastu in subtle manner we were having other designs such as Gajalakshmi with Annam, Gajalakshmi with Kamadhenu and so on.

There were also lot of good will when we were keeping Gajalakshmi in front our entrance or just above the Pooja room. It was bringing in lot of positive vibes to our home.

As the years gone by, we have forgotten about our traditions. Today we can see the Gajalakshmi at our temple just above the Garpagraha of the main idol.

At Kaaladi Handicrafts, we are taking small steps to revive the bygone tradition of having Gajalakshmi Woodencraft in our home.

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